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Re: [PATCH][BZ 17979][BZ 17721] Fix issues with sys/cdefs.h and uchar.h when using non-gcc compiler.

On Thu, 28 Jan 2016, Dwight Guth wrote:

> It also seems strange to me to be declaring functions in header files
> with different types than are mandated by the standard just because it
> won't matter in most cases... It also sounds to me like a highly

I didn't say that's the reason, simply pointed out that there is no 
conformance bug from missing the restrict qualifiers - the reason is more 
likely that no-one in practice tends to use the glibc headers with 
compilers not defining __GNUC__ (they use non-GNU compilers, but non-GNU 
compilers that define __GNUC__ to indicate support for GNU extensions) and 
so there has been very little interest in fixing hypothetical issues with 
such compilers (and where people have submitted such patches, they've 
drifted away without resolving issues from review and pinging as needed).  
Combined with: __restrict in the headers may well date back to before C99 
was released and so before the final __STDC_VERSION__ value was known.

Joseph S. Myers

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