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tilegx32 NPTL nptl/tst-cancel17 failure

So, this test works fine in 64-bit mode on tilegx, but fails in
the compat 32-bit mode.  I looked a little bit at it and concluded
I didn't have any great ideas.  The test emits this:

going to cancel tf in-time
going to cancel tf2 in-time
in-time cancellation succeeded
aio_cancel failed
going to cancel tf early
going to cancel tf2 early
Segmentation fault

The segmentation fault is due to the last AIO_MISC_NOTIFY() in
__aio_notify() having a "waitlist->counterp" pointer pointing into
the text of the binary where it isn't writable (it's actually pointing
at the tf() function start point).

Anyone else seen anything like this or have any suggestions?
I realized I'm not sure how long this has been a problem, since
we have an outstanding bug for tilegx for exceptions aren't
properly caught for tst-cancelx17 and others, and I may have been
missing tst-cancel17 when I do my 32-bit compat test since it
got swept up with the other similarly-named ones.

Chris Metcalf, EZChip Semiconductor

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