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Re: [PATCH] tst-malloc-thread-exit: run less aggressively

On 01/19/2016 08:58 PM, Chris Metcalf wrote:
> On a 64-bit machine, the previous code would run up to
> 5 x 8 x NPROCS threads, or 2,880 threads on a 72-core TILE-Gx.
> But since typically userspace runs with an RLIMIT_NPROC value
> of 1024, the test will fail on such a machine.  Instead, bound
> the outer thread count to 200, rather than 8 x NPROCS, so that
> the total number of threads created is max 1000.  This may still
> be a little risky when running in a "make -j check" context but
> should at least pass when run separately to confirm a FAIL.

I posted a patch due to similar issues:


This change will bring down the run time considerably.

> Can I push this for 2.23?  It fixes a test failure for tilegx.

Not just there.

I wasn't aware of the thread count limit.  I can post a patch tomorrow
which uses mallopt to reduce the arena count, then we should be able to
run this test with just 8 threads (but I will have to verify it still
triggers the original failure).


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