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Re: [PATCH] Add hwcap2 bits for POWER9

On 01/12/2016 11:39 AM, Steven Munroe wrote:
>> That's the rule. There are no other discussions to be had.
> Well is was posted to to powerpc next:
> We have agreement between the kernel and GLIBC (and the ABI). 
> The issue is just coordination across communities and individuals that
> may not being paying attention to other communities dead lines.
> Have you ever tried to push a string, up hill. That is open source
> development in nutshell. ;)

I know exactly what this is like.

> So it is in flight and glibc is soft/slush freeze. I would hate to
> revert this one day just to add it back to the next. Especially if those
> days straddle the hard freeze ...
> So can we let this ride a day or too?

Sure. I'm not an unreasonable person.

My goal as a glibc steward is to remind IBM that our best practice is that
we *wait* until it goes into mainline before committing to glibc master.

There really isn't any reason to check this in to glibc master right now.
It could wait.

Adhemerval as a release manager is also not an unreasonable person.
I have already discussed with Tulio that he should have just waited to
commit these changes, but gotten an exception from Adhemerval to checkin
the fairly low-risk patches late in the freeze. That's exactly the purpose
of a release managers job, to grant you exceptions as we approach release,
particularly when schedules don't quite line up.


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