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[PATCH] Remove unused variable in math/atest-exp2.c.

The variable that this patch removes seems to be unused, and the
resulting warning breaks the build when using a recent GCC.

I can't test master with this GCC currently because of other issues in
math/.  Feel free to commit :)

2015-12-17  Torvald Riegel  <>

	* math/atest-exp2.c (mp_exp_m1): Remove.

commit e60e59e1220fc6448ec7ef9c4b61f92be9f32a0b
Author: Torvald Riegel <>
Date:   Thu Dec 17 23:30:03 2015 +0100

    Remove unused variable in math/atest-exp2.c.

diff --git a/math/atest-exp2.c b/math/atest-exp2.c
index 307c741..ffa73b1 100644
--- a/math/atest-exp2.c
+++ b/math/atest-exp2.c
@@ -53,11 +53,6 @@ static const mp1 mp_exp1 = {
            a784d904, 5190cfef, 324e7738, 926cfbe5, f4bf8d8d, 8c31d763)
-static const mp1 mp_exp_m1 = {
-  CONSTSZ (0, 5e2d58d8, b3bcdf1a, badec782, 9054f90d, da9805aa, b56c7733,
-           3024b9d0, a507daed, b16400bf, 472b4215, b8245b66, 9d90d27a)
 static const mp1 mp_log2 = {
   CONSTSZ (0, b17217f7, d1cf79ab, c9e3b398, 03f2f6af, 40f34326, 7298b62d,
            8a0d175b, 8baafa2b, e7b87620, 6debac98, 559552fb, 4afa1b10)

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