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Re: New S/390 machine maintainer: Stefan Liebler

On 12/07/2015 07:09 AM, Andreas Krebbel wrote:
> Hi,
> Stefan Liebler takes care of the S/390 specific parts of Glibc for quite a while now.  He is doing a
> good job and has already implemented major features (e.g. z13 string instruction support).
> I think it is time to appoint him machine maintainer for S/390.
> Ok to add him to the machine maintainers list for S/390 in the wiki?
> Martin Schwidefsky and myself will stay in the list as well for now.

Andreas, Martin,

As the lead maintainers for the IBM S/390 port you may appoint any
developers you wish as co-maintainers for the port. You do not need to
ask for any permission, but you should make a public post about the new
maintainer. Stefan should also feel inclined to introduce himself/herself
as the new co-maintainer. I would be interested in knowing about Stefan's
particular interests in glibc subsystems (we are always looking for more
subsystem reviewers).

In summary: The glibc stewards have no position dictating to IBM who
should or should not be a maintainer for S/390. You have to make that
choice yourself between those interested in the health of the port.


Welcome! Thank you for volunteering to be a machine maintainer.

I'm very glad to have someone of your caliber working on glibc! :-)


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