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Re: [COMMITTED] 2.22: Bug 18589: Fix strcoll_l incorrect sorting.

On 10/10/15 10:42, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
> I've backported the fix for bug 18589 to 2.22, which is
> the only public release with the defect that causes strcoll_l
> to incorrectly sort digraphs.
> Those of you with distributions based on 2.22 may wish to rebase
> to get these changes. They will cause problems with sorting and
> are relatively serious.

Fun story...

[2015-10-12 09:47] [ALPM] upgraded glibc (2.22-3 -> 2.22-4)
[2015-10-12 09:47] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] bash: loadlocale.c:130:
_nl_intern_locale_data: Assertion `cnt < (sizeof
(_nl_value_type_LC_COLLATE) / sizeof (_nl_value_type_LC_COLLATE[0]))'

And that was given every time I tried running anything.  It is fun to
watch your system slowly die while trying to figure a way to remove that
update from the repos!

The only changes between our 2.22-3 and 2.22-4 builds were these patches
you committed.  It seems they introduce incompatibilities to locale
files generated with builds from earlier in the 2.22 release branch?  I
was using a relatively benign locale (en_AU.UTF8).


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