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bug fixes prompted by recent Coverity scan

Two things about the recently-proposed bug fixes prompted by the Coverity scan.

First, Coverity itself does the scan for me. They use the glibc source to debug their scanner, and they send me their reports as a service to the community. I don't control the parameters they use. I found the latest set of four fixes by inspecting only the changes in reports from previous glibc. Most of the changes were false alarms (this is typical) and I generally left the code alone for the false alarms.

Second, there's a lot of bureaucracy involved in getting obvious bugs like these fixed. The current distracting thread about ChangeLog style is a symptom of the problem. In the old days I would have simply installed the fixes and moved on, but now I'm being asked for testcases and bugzilla references and ChangeLog style reformattting and whatnot and I don't want to upset anybody's applecart nor do I want to bother with all that paperwork (hey, I'm just a volunteer!) so I've done nothing to follow up, which is not good.

I can't help contrasting the somewhat offputting responses to my four glibc Coverity scan patches with the quite-friendly response I got from the gettext project when I filed the gettext-related patch upstream. Here's the entire interaction:

I ran "git send-email".

Within a few hours, Daiki Ueno replied "Thanks, applied."

It's a pleasure helping to fix gettext bugs. I wish I could say the same thing about glibc. I realize glibc is a bigger project and needs more bureaucracy yadda yadda yadda, but come on guys, we've gone off the deep end.

Anyway, to work through this little problem could you please install the patches for BZ#18868, BZ#18871, BZ#18872, and BZ#18873, whenever you have the time? The fixes themselves all have reasonable consensus, I think. Please feel free to dot all the Is and cross all the Ts that I missed. Thanks.

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