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Re: [PATCH] Remove locale timezone information

On 08/05/2015 03:22 AM, wrote:
For countries with more timezones, the locale data helps narrowing down the
choices. And there are not that many countries with more than 1 timezone,
eg USA, Canada, Russia and Greenland. Many big countries like China and India
only have 1 timezone

Actually, China has two time zones: tzdata's Asia/Shanghai and Asia/Urumqi both reflect officially-kept time. Even Germany has more than one tzdata entry, due to the a difference in post-1970 history of timekeeping in its Swiss enclaves. So the problem of many time zones for one locale is bigger than what you're suggesting, even if we ignore traveling users (which is a pretty big class to ignore).

As for tzdata names "not being culturally acceptable", they are intended for use as internal identifiers, visible to experts like us but not to end users, so "cultural acceptability" should not be an issue. End users in China, for example, are not expected to see "Asia/Shanghai" even in an English locale, but instead are expected to see "China Standard Time" or "Beijing Time" or something like that. Strings like "China Standard Time" and "åäæé" are maintained by the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository <> and are widely used in glibc-based systems. I don't know whether CLDR supports ISO TR 14652 and 30112, but if it doesn't then I suggest approaching the CLDR maintainers.

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