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Re: [PATCH v3] powerpc: strstr optimization

On Sat, 25 Jul 2015, OndÅej BÃlka wrote:

> Joseph, what is policy about assembly implementations when there is
> better generic implementation? This assembly is slower than when do

Removal of such an assembly implementation is a simple matter of getting 
consensus, typically based on benchmark results from the checked-in 
benchtests (so if necessary, you may need to get consensus on an addition 
to such benchtests first).  The most likely form of such consensus is 
through agreement from the architecture maintainer, but I don't expect 
such changes, properly supported by benchmark results from the checked-in 
benchtests, to be controversial.

Of course the comparison is with the *checked-in* generic implementation, 
not something posted but not checked in.

> simple optimization of C strstr, with patch. I repeatedly asked to
> check it but never got reply. 
> [PATCH] Improve generic strstr performance.

Well, if a patch takes a while to get reviewed, keep pinging, while making 
sure that the patch submission includes all necessary information, that 
the required benchmarks have been reviewed and checked in first, etc.

You have about 80 unreviewed patches showing in the patchwork list.  If 
any of those are superseded by later versions of the same patch, I 
strongly advise marking the earlier versions as superseded in patchwork so 
that anyone using patchwork to find patches to review finds those patches 
of yours that actually need review and not a load of noise from older 
superseded patch versions.  (The same applies to anyone submitting patches 
- keep the list of your patches pending review clean - but your list is 
particularly long.)

Joseph S. Myers

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