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whitelisting additional matherr funcs for conform tests

glibc supports the deprecated matherr hook for math error reporting.  the 
conform tests take this into consideration and whitelist this symbol when 
running linknamespace tests:
	# * False positive: matherr only used conditionally.
	@whitelist = qw(... matherr ...);

the ia64 libm code has long provided two additional hooks in this space:
	matherrf (for floats)
	matherrl (for long doubles)

which causes the conform tests to fail with chains that all look like:
	[initial] __atan2 ->
	[libm.a(e_atan2.o)] __libm_error_support -> 
	[libm.a(libm_error.o)] matherrf

we can't (losslessly) redirect existing usage of these funcs to matherr
because the structure passed in is different -- matherr uses a struct with
doubles while matherrf/matherrl use floats and long doubles respectively.
plus, this has been part of the exported ABI since glibc-2.2.3, so it
doesn't feel right to change it so late.

would it be possible to whitelist these two funcs for the ia64 port ?
not sure if that's easily possible with the code as-is, and whitelisting
it for all arches seems wrong as it'd allow other ports to screw up too.

-@whitelist = qw(signgam stdin stdout stderr re_syntax_options matherr);
+@whitelist = qw(signgam stdin stdout stderr re_syntax_options matherr
+		matherrf matherrl);

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