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Re: Another GLIBC build error with GCC6

On 07/21/2015 02:16 PM, Steve Ellcey wrote:
On Tue, 2015-07-21 at 14:10 -0600, Jeff Law wrote:

diff --git a/elf/dl-deps.c b/elf/dl-deps.c
index eee146a..d4c5c00 100644
--- a/elf/dl-deps.c
+++ b/elf/dl-deps.c
@@ -30,6 +30,8 @@

   #include <dl-dst.h>

+#include <libc-internal.h>
   /* Whether an shared object references one or more auxiliary objects
      is signaled by the AUXTAG entry in l_info.  */
@@ -226,7 +228,11 @@ _dl_map_object_deps (struct link_map *map,
   	  needed = needed_space;

+      /* Blah, blah. */
+      DIAG_IGNORE_NEEDS_COMMENT (4.6, "-Warray-bounds");
         if (l->l_info[DT_NEEDED] || l->l_info[AUXTAG] || l->l_info[FILTERTAG])
   	  const char *strtab = (const void *) D_PTR (l, l_info[DT_STRTAB]);
   	  struct openaux_args args;
Any chance I could get you to file a GCC bug for this bogus warning?


Is it bogus?  I never followed the various macros down far enough to see
if the references were out of bounds or not.  I will see if I can create
a cut-down test case.
If it's not a false positive, then you're suppressing a warning on code that's got undefined behaviour... That seems unwise.


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