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Re: How to build/test glibc with new gcc

On 17-07-2015 13:50, Szabolcs Nagy wrote:
> i'm wondering what's the official way to build glibc with new gcc.
> the documentation about building glibc assumes that the host
> compiler is used when doing a native build, but if gcc is installed
> at some prefix path, then the tests don't use the right libraries:
> they use and of the host (or fail
> when the host does not have these).
> Using LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not work as the tests override the
> library path, but i assume this can be solved by either adding
> -Wl,-rpath=/gcc/prefix/lib to the LDFLAGS of the tests or
> copying the compiler runtime into the build path:
> export PATH="/path/to/gcc-prefix/bin:$PATH"
> cp -a /path/to/gcc-prefix/lib*/*.so* .
> /path/to/glibc-src/configure --prefix=/usr
> make -j
> make check
> is there a cleaner way to do it?
I used to apply a modified version of [1], configure and install GCC
in a different folder than system one.  Unfortunately I think Meissner
patch did not land in upstream.


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