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Re: [PATCH roland/vdso_clock_gettime] x86: Clean up __vdso_clock_gettime variable.

On Thu, 2015-01-29 at 16:26 -0800, Roland McGrath wrote:
> > Since you are modifying the code, which are the advantages and constrains to
> > x86_64/i386 carry specific assembly implementation for pthread_cond_* 
> > function? What prevent them to use the C default code? 
> We've discussed before that we'd like to eliminate the assembly.  We have
> just been too conservative to do it without careful performance testing to
> give us confidence that it won't be a performance regression, and nobody
> has done that yet.  I think it might be on Torvald's agenda.  (If not, we
> need a volunteer for that!)

IMO, the condvar assembly has to go because we need to change the
synchronization algorithm to correctly implement the stronger ordering
requirements that POSIX and C++ have clarified they want.  I don't think
anybody will volunteer to write an assembly implementation with the new

Wrt performance, I would guess not having assembly is not critical.
Unless a, say, semaphore, there's no real fast-path in a condvar; you
really want to wait until you get a notification after you started
waiting.  So once you do that, there will be cache misses to some extent
because somebody else is waking you up; thus, the communication cost
will matter most, not any per-thread instruction count differences.

I have the new condvar implementation working except failures on
tst-cond25, and except PI bits (but there's not a lot we can do there
anyway compared to the current implementation).  I first thought this
would be a PI-related issue, but now I'd guess it's rather cancellation
related.  I don't yet know the root cause.  But I see the same test fail
on i686 with the old implementation too.

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