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Re: glibc 2.21 - Machine maintainers, please test your machines.

On Sat, 2015-01-24 at 18:13 +0100, Torvald Riegel wrote:
> There might be another issue in the 32b variant of struct new_sem, which
> changed like this:
> -  unsigned long int nwaiters;
> +  int pad;
> +  unsigned int nwaiters;
> I'll investigate this further.  The size increase might be an issue.

It's not if "int" is 4 bytes long because sem_t is always at least 16
bytes, and we have 4 int fields in struct new_sem.

I went through all bits/semaphore.h and confirmed this.  I believe this
could use some clean-up.

With the exception of m68k, alignment is always to "long int" (union of
long int and char[size-see-below]).

The size is 32B if WORDSIZE==64 and 16 otherwise on:
s390, x86, powerpc, mips, sparc, tile

The size is fixed at 32B on:
alpha, aarch64, ia64

The size is fixed at 16B on:
arm, microblaze, nios, hppa, sh

m68k is an outlier. It sets the size to 16B but alignment like that:
long int __align __attribute__ ((__aligned__ (4)))

I don't know anything about m68k, and there's no comment why that is
different.  Does anyone know?

The size is also not an issue if 64b atomic ops are used because then we
have uint64_t + int + int, which should also be 16B in sum on all archs
I believe.  We could remove the padding field though on new_sem.

In retrospect, I do vaguely remember doing this same exercise before.  I
guess I should have added a comment, and definitely should do so now.

I'm also wondering how we can improve this in the future.  If we want to
have more generic code, and be able to refactor old arch-specific code
into generic code, we need to know more about type alignment and size
issues.  Any suggestions for how to make this easier?
Going for either ILP32 or LP64 might be one part to this.

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