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RE: bzero/bcopy/bcmp/mempcpy (was: Improve strncpy performance further)

On Wed, 14 Jan 2015, Wilco Dijkstra wrote:

> Roland McGrath wrote:
> > There are no uses of bcopy outside of tests, and portability macros in code
> > (possibly, or once) shared with gnulib.  There is a bcopy macro in
> > locale/programs/simple-hash.c, but it's not used anywhere.  I've removed
> > that in the patch below.
> > 
> > There are three uses of bzero outside of tests.  I've changed those to
> > memset in the patch below.  In my build (x86_64-linux-gnu, GCC 4.8.3) this
> > did not change the compiled code at all--so they were already being reduced
> > to memset or inlined directly by the compiler.
> GCC often expands bzero into memset, but not all versions do this, and neither
> do all options, so you cannot rely on this. So before your patch login/logout.c 
> might actually call bzero...

glibc only supports building with a limited set of compilers, and the 
semantic options used for the build must be those determined by glibc's 
built system (it's not valid to include -fno-builtin in CC or CFLAGS when 
configuring glibc, for example).

> We need something like this in string.h so we always optimize all calls to
> standard optimized functions, irrespectively of the compiler and options used:

We hardly *need* such an optimization, when it's only for obscure cases of 
old code and unusual compiler options.  (It may still be a good idea, if 
done correctly.)

> #ifdef __USE_MISC
> # define bzero(s, n) memset (s, '\0', n)
> # define __bzero(s, n) memset (s, '\0', n)
> # define bcopy(src, dest, n) memmove (dest, src, n)

These all need casts to void so as to return the correct types.

Joseph S. Myers

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