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[PATCH] S390: Get rid of linknamespace failures for utmp functions.


i get the following linknamespace-testsuite failures on s390-32:

FAIL: conform/POSIX2008/glob.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/XOPEN2K8/glob.h/linknamespace
[initial] glob -> [libc.a(glob.o)] getlogin_r -> [libc.a(getlogin_r.o)] __libc_utmp_jump_table -> [libc.a(getutent_r.o)] getutent_r [initial] glob -> [libc.a(glob.o)] getlogin_r -> [libc.a(getlogin_r.o)] __libc_utmp_jump_table -> [libc.a(getutent_r.o)] pututline
conform/POSIX2008/glob.h/linknamespace.out (END)

FAIL: conform/POSIX2008/wordexp.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/XOPEN2K8/wordexp.h/linknamespace
[initial] wordexp -> [libc.a(wordexp.o)] glob -> [libc.a(glob.o)] getlogin_r -> [libc.a(getlogin_r.o)] __libc_utmp_jump_table -> [libc.a(getutent_r.o)] getutent_r [initial] wordexp -> [libc.a(wordexp.o)] glob -> [libc.a(glob.o)] getlogin_r -> [libc.a(getlogin_r.o)] __libc_utmp_jump_table -> [libc.a(getutent_r.o)] pututline
conform/POSIX2008/wordexp.h/linknamespace.out (END)

FAIL: conform/UNIX98/utmpx.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/XOPEN2K/utmpx.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/XOPEN2K8/utmpx.h/linknamespace
FAIL: conform/XPG4/utmpx.h/linknamespace
[initial] getutxent -> [libc.a(getutxent.o)] __getutent -> [libc.a(getutent.o)] getutent [initial] endutxent -> [libc.a(endutxent.o)] __endutent -> [libc.a(getutent_r.o)] getutent_r [initial] getutxid -> [libc.a(getutxid.o)] __getutid -> [libc.a(getutid.o)] getutid [initial] getutxid -> [libc.a(getutxid.o)] __getutid -> [libc.a(getutid.o)] __getutid_r -> [libc.a(getutid_r.o)] getutid_r [initial] getutxline -> [libc.a(getutxline.o)] __getutline -> [libc.a(getutline.o)] getutline [initial] getutxline -> [libc.a(getutxline.o)] __getutline -> [libc.a(getutline.o)] __getutline_r -> [libc.a(getutline_r.o)] getutline_r [initial] endutxent -> [libc.a(endutxent.o)] __endutent -> [libc.a(getutent_r.o)] pututline
conform/XOPEN2K/utmpx.h/linknamespace.out (END)

The commit 4057dc459ae9de59c67628db3db844c7a3765d00
introduced symbol-versioning for those utmp functions with
the macro default_symbol_version, which expands to strong_alias
in the STATIC-case.
But in common-code those funtions are weak aliased.

Thus this patch uses default_symbol_version in the SHARED-case
and weak_alias in the STATIC-case.

The mentioned testsuite-failues are passing now
and there are no new failures.

Ok to commit?


2015-01-14  Stefan Liebler  <>

	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/s390/s390-32/getutent.c
	(getutent): Use weak_alias in non SHARED case
	and default_symbol_version in SHARED case.
	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/s390/s390-32/getutent_r.c
	(getutent_r, pututline): Likewise.
	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/s390/s390-32/getutid.c
	(getutid): Likewise.
	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/s390/s390-32/getutid_r.c
	(getutid_r): Likewise.
	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/s390/s390-32/getutline.c
	(getutline): Likewise.
	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/s390/s390-32/getutline_r.c
	(getutline_r): Likewise.
	* sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/s390/s390-32/updwtmp.c
	(updwtmp): Likewise.

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