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Re: [PATCH v3 0/4] Nios II port re-submission

On 2015/1/10 02:14 AM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> On Sat, 10 Jan 2015, Chung-Lin Tang wrote:
>> (2) Like the tile port as Chris reported in [1], nios2 also currently
>> has a similar collection of linknamespace FAILs, probably not surprising
>> since both are linux-generic users.
> Please give more details of the FAILs you see (*not* XFAILed tests, which 
> the vast bulk of those were).  If the same failures are reported for many 
> (header, standard) combinations, showing the output for a single case will 
> suffice.  If the failures (individual function references) are the same as 
> XFAILed for x86_64, but in different headers, that suggests that some 
> function is bringing in for you references to another function that it 
> doesn't bring in references to on x86_64 (and fixing that may well be 
> simpler than fixing the problems seen on x86_64).

As of current tip of master, I see:
FAIL: conform/symlist-stdlibs-POSIX
FAIL: conform/symlist-stdlibs-POSIX2008
FAIL: conform/symlist-stdlibs-UNIX98
FAIL: conform/symlist-stdlibs-XOPEN2K
FAIL: conform/symlist-stdlibs-XOPEN2K8

The test logs show that some readelf problem with rt/librt.a caused the
FAILs, still investigating why.


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