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glibc 2.21: One week at semi-frozen.


In order to hasten the freeze of trunk I'm declaring that we
are semi-frozen. Please no more new features without talking to
me about them. Please fix as many bugs as possible that don't
destabilize the tree, add new symbols, require machine
maintainers to validate ABIs, or add new localization strings.
We are working towards a stable release.

What things would I like to see committed this week?

(1) Minimal fix for TZ crasher (bug 17715). [Florian]

(2) New semaphore implementation fixing semaphore destruction (bug 12674) [Torvald]
    - Finishing my review.

(3) Parts of NIOS II port if sufficiently well isolated. [Chung-Lin]

(4) x86 32-bit vDSO time function support. [Adhemerval]

(5) Fix SR-safety issue with dlopen (make dlopen recursive). [Carlos]

What things would I like to see pushed off to 2.22?

* The Intel libmvec work has to move to 2.22 in order to allow
  positive consensus from gcc, llvm, and icc developers over the
  proposed ABI for OpenMP

* Futex cleanup. Torvald, please push this off to 2.22. I'm nervous
  changing error handling near the end of the release. Unless you tell
  me it's very well tested, obvious, and reviewed.

* fmemopen changes. Adhemerval, we need to get this into 2.22 early
  to allow machine maintainers to verify the ABI changes. Note that
  this contradicts my earlier email to you (follow up email sent).


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