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Re: linknamespace failures

On Fri, 19 Dec 2014, Chris Metcalf wrote:

> After fixing one obvious namespace issue that was a tilegx namespace bug
> (strstr calling strnlen) I still see an inordinate number of linknamespace
> failures, in generic code.  I'm assuming a fair number of these must be
> seen by other platforms.  It does seem a bit overwhelming to tackle.
> I've sorted and collapsed all the failures, but it still appears that
> there are close to 100 separate failures being reported.

The vast bulk of these are XFAILed in conform/Makefile.  You need to 
investigate why the XFAILs there are ineffective for you.  (Or, if you see 
the same failures but for different headers from those with the XFAILs, 
maybe there is some tilegx-specific issue causing a header to bring in 
more symbols than it does on other platforms.)

> _tolower -> [libc.a(ctype-extn.o)] isblank
> isblank -> [libc.a(ctype-extn.o)] isascii
> isblank -> [libc.a(ctype-extn.o)] toascii

<> pending 
review (but also XFAILed).

Joseph S. Myers

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