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Re: -Werror now enabled by default

On Thu, 11 Dec 2014, Richard Earnshaw wrote:

> > Why isn't the "CFLAGS-tst-mbswcs1.c = -Wno-format" in localedata/Makefile 
> > working for you?
> > 
> It turns out this is due to some security hardening nonsense in Ubuntu
> 14.04, which manages to override the user's preferences in this respect.
>  I'm trying to get the Ubuntu folks to fix their compiler.
> An alternative approach might be to add -Wno-error=format.  And
> -Wno-error=format-extra-args when building stdio-common/tstdiomisc.c .

Well, if an explicit -Wno-format doesn't work, that's a clear compiler 
bug.  But we want to move to disabling warnings within C files using 
DIAG_* macros anyway, instead of command-line options, so if that works 
where the command-line options don't then that's also a sufficient fix.  
(And if the warnings can be fixed by changing the test - if they're 
nothing to do with what it's intended to test - then such test changes 
make sense to replace -Wno- options, as in my patch 
<> for the 
present case.)

Joseph S. Myers

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