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Re: -Werror now enabled by default

On Wed, 10 Dec 2014, Andreas Schwab wrote:

> Joseph Myers <> writes:
> > I've committed the patch to enable -Werror by default.  I get a clean 
> > build and test on x86_64 with GCC 4.9
> You should test at least on all major platforms.

You have --disable-werror for temporary use until all the warnings are 
fixed for configurations you're testing (however, it's definitely expected 
that as part of the release process architecture maintainers should get a 
clean build for their architectures without --disable-werror).

The principle of getting it working for one platform and then distributing 
the work of fixing warnings on other platforms was already stated in 
<> and 
<> with no 

In any case, I did test for and fix various warnings on 32-bit x86, ARM, 
MIPS and Power during the process of getting the build clean for x86_64 - 
even if they aren't 100% clean right now, there are plenty of examples of 
fixing warnings to take as a guide for fixing others.

Joseph S. Myers

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