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[committed] Fix linknamespace getdate_err handling

Some linknamespace tests were failing because of references to
getdate_err.  References to this symbol should be allowed for XPG4 and
later XSI standards; it was missing from the whitelist of data
symbols.  This patch adds it to that list.

Tested for x86_64 and committed.

2014-12-03  Joseph Myers  <>

	* conform/ (%extra_syms): Add getdate_err
	for XPG4, UNIX98, XOPEN2K and XOPEN2K8.
	* conform/Makefile (test-xfail-XOPEN2K/pthread.h/linknamespace):
	Remove variable.
	(test-xfail-XOPEN2K/time.h/linknamespace): Likewise.
	(test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/pthread.h/linknamespace): Likewise.
	(test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/time.h/linknamespace): Likewise.

diff --git a/conform/Makefile b/conform/Makefile
index f84aef2..e720ac6 100644
--- a/conform/Makefile
+++ b/conform/Makefile
@@ -414,7 +414,6 @@ test-xfail-XOPEN2K/grp.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/libgen.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/mqueue.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/netdb.h/linknamespace = yes
-test-xfail-XOPEN2K/pthread.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/pwd.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/regex.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/search.h/linknamespace = yes
@@ -424,7 +423,6 @@ test-xfail-XOPEN2K/spawn.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/stdlib.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/sys/wait.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/syslog.h/linknamespace = yes
-test-xfail-XOPEN2K/time.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/ucontext.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/unistd.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K/wordexp.h/linknamespace = yes
@@ -448,12 +446,10 @@ test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/grp.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/libgen.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/mqueue.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/netdb.h/linknamespace = yes
-test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/pthread.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/pwd.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/regex.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/search.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/semaphore.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/spawn.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/syslog.h/linknamespace = yes
-test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/time.h/linknamespace = yes
 test-xfail-XOPEN2K8/unistd.h/linknamespace = yes
diff --git a/conform/ b/conform/
index c0c695c..7d15a1b 100644
--- a/conform/
+++ b/conform/
@@ -47,17 +47,17 @@ $extra_syms{"XPG3"} = ["errno", "setjmp", "va_end", "environ", "signgam",
 $extra_syms{"XPG4"} = ["errno", "setjmp", "va_end", "environ", "signgam",
 		       "loc1", "loc2", "locs", "sigsetjmp", "optarg",
 		       "optind", "opterr", "optopt", "daylight", "timezone",
-		       "tzname"];
+		       "tzname", "getdate_err"];
 $extra_syms{"UNIX98"} = ["errno", "setjmp", "va_end", "environ", "signgam",
 			 "loc1", "loc2", "locs", "sigsetjmp", "optarg",
 			 "optind", "opterr", "optopt", "daylight", "timezone",
-			 "tzname"];
+			 "tzname", "getdate_err"];
 $extra_syms{"XOPEN2K"} = ["errno", "setjmp", "va_end", "environ", "signgam",
 			  "sigsetjmp", "optarg", "optind", "opterr", "optopt",
-			  "daylight", "timezone", "tzname"];
+			  "daylight", "timezone", "tzname", "getdate_err"];
 $extra_syms{"XOPEN2K8"} = ["errno", "setjmp", "va_end", "environ", "signgam",
 			   "sigsetjmp", "optarg", "optind", "opterr", "optopt",
-			   "daylight", "timezone", "tzname"];
+			   "daylight", "timezone", "tzname", "getdate_err"];
 $extra_syms{"POSIX2008"} = ["errno", "setjmp", "va_end", "environ",
 			    "sigsetjmp", "optarg", "optind", "opterr", "optopt",

Joseph S. Myers

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