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Fix dlfcn/failtestmod.c warning

This patch fixes a "set but not used" warning from
dlfcn/failtestmod.c.  A variable is used only to store the return
value from dlsym.  As I understand this test, the point is simply to
do a sequence of load / unload operations in a loop, and all that
matters here is that dlsym gets called and returns without crashing,
not what its return value is.  So this patch removes the assignment to
a variable.

Tested for x86_64.

2014-11-26  Joseph Myers  <>

	* dlfcn/failtestmod.c (constr): Do not store result of dlsym in a

diff --git a/dlfcn/failtestmod.c b/dlfcn/failtestmod.c
index a03f90b..64dadd5 100644
--- a/dlfcn/failtestmod.c
+++ b/dlfcn/failtestmod.c
@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@ __attribute__ ((__constructor__))
 constr (void)
   void *handle;
-  void *m;
   /* Open the library.  */
   handle = dlopen (NULL, RTLD_NOW);
@@ -19,7 +18,7 @@ constr (void)
   /* Get a symbol.  */
-  m = dlsym (handle, "main");
+  dlsym (handle, "main");
   puts ("called dlsym() to get main");
   dlclose (handle);

Joseph S. Myers

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