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Disable -Wdeprecated-declarations for register_printf_function calls in tst-printfsz.c

This patch, relative to a tree with
<> (pending
review) applied, uses diagnostic control pragmas to disable warnings
in stdio-common/tst-printfsz.c for use of the deprecated
register_printf_function.  Because this test is testing printf_size
and printf_size_info, and the latter has the interface expected for
register_printf_function instead of the newer
register_printf_specifier, it seems correct for this test to use the
deprecated interface (wrapping printf_size_info in some way to use
register_printf_specifier would seem an excessive change to what's

Tested for x86_64.

2014-11-26  Joseph Myers  <>

	* stdio-common/tst-printfsz.c: Include <libc-internal.h>.
	(main): Disable -Wdeprecated-declarations around calls to

diff --git a/stdio-common/tst-printfsz.c b/stdio-common/tst-printfsz.c
index 5925050..74d67d2 100644
--- a/stdio-common/tst-printfsz.c
+++ b/stdio-common/tst-printfsz.c
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
 #include <printf.h>
 #include <stdio.h>
 #include <string.h>
+#include <libc-internal.h>
 #define V       12345678.12345678
@@ -12,9 +13,15 @@ main (int argc, char *argv[])
   char buf[1024];
   int result = 0;
+  /* Testing printf_size_info requires using the deprecated
+     register_printf_function, resulting in warnings
+     "'register_printf_function' is deprecated".  */
+  DIAG_IGNORE_NEEDS_COMMENT (4.9, "-Wdeprecated-declarations");
   /* Register the printf handlers.  */
   register_printf_function ('b', printf_size, printf_size_info);
   register_printf_function ('B', printf_size, printf_size_info);
   sprintf (buf, "%g %b %B %.0b %.0B %.1b %.1B %8.0b %08.0B",

Joseph S. Myers

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