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Re: [PATCH] arm: do not abort EABI check for bootstrapping

On 20 Nov 2014 09:59, Roland McGrath wrote:
> I have no particular opinion about this one change and it's up to Joseph to
> approve it or not.  But it seems quite fragile to tweak individual checks
> like this to support some arcane configure-sort-of-works case.  I don't
> understand the scenario you are trying to support.  I've never heard of
> doing any step with libc without having a compiler at all.  The way I'm
> familiar with going about bootstrapping is to do just all-gcc and
> install-gcc first, and then build libc.

some (many?) targets require some C library headers before they can build for 
the target at all.  we used to do cross-compiling where we'd skip the C library 
headers, but the amount of patching/hacks we had to add to GCC got 
unmaintainable, and the code base got more and more hostile to the concept 
(just search for inhibit_libc).  how exactly are you building the first GCC 
w/out any C library headers ?

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