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Fix malloc_info namespace (bug 17570)

malloc_info is defined in the same file as malloc and free, but is not
an ISO C function, so should be a weak symbol.  This patch makes it
so, fixing one of the bugs shown in the sample output of my proposed
tests for such namespace issues

Tested for x86_64 (testsuite, and that disassembly of installed shared
libraries is unchanged by the patch).

2014-11-10  Joseph Myers  <>

	[BZ #17570]
	* malloc/malloc.c (malloc_info): Rename to __malloc_info and
	define as weak alias of __malloc_info.

diff --git a/malloc/malloc.c b/malloc/malloc.c
index 6cbe9f3..6bfb859 100644
--- a/malloc/malloc.c
+++ b/malloc/malloc.c
@@ -4993,7 +4993,7 @@ weak_alias (__posix_memalign, posix_memalign)
-malloc_info (int options, FILE *fp)
+__malloc_info (int options, FILE *fp)
   /* For now, at least.  */
   if (options != 0)
@@ -5166,6 +5166,7 @@ malloc_info (int options, FILE *fp)
   return 0;
+weak_alias (__malloc_info, malloc_info)
 strong_alias (__libc_calloc, __calloc) weak_alias (__libc_calloc, calloc)

Joseph S. Myers

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