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Re: [ping3][PATCH 01/19 v2] Add new macro IN_MODULE to identify module in which source is built

>     Patches that follow will remove uses of IS_IN_* variables with the


>     Verified that there are no relevant source changes.  One source change
>     that will crop up repeatedly is that of nscd_stat, since it uses the
>     build timestamp as a constant in its logic.


> +in-module = $(strip $(foreach lib,$(libof-$(basename $(@F))) $(libof-$(<F)) \
> +				  $(libof-$(@F)),-DIN_MODULE=MODULE_$(lib)))

I think you can make this:

in-module = $(firstword $(libof-$(basename $(@F))) \
			$(libof-$(<F)) \

There should never be more than one nonempty libof-* expansion unless it's
multiple that are the same.  Also don't repeat the fixed parts

> -	   $(CPPFLAGS-$(suffix $@)) \
> +	   $(CPPFLAGS-$(suffix $@)) $(module-def) \

Here just use -DIN_MODULE=MODULE_$(in-module) directly.

> diff --git a/elf/rtld-Rules b/elf/rtld-Rules
> index 0a5d6af..4d78d90 100644
> --- a/elf/rtld-Rules
> +++ b/elf/rtld-Rules
> @@ -138,6 +138,11 @@ ifdef rtld-depfiles
>  -include $(rtld-depfiles)
>  endif
> +# Set libof-* for each routine.
> +cpp-srcs-left := $(subst .os,,$(rtld-modules))

Use $(rtld-modules:%.os=%) (or patsubst if you prefer).
Plain subst will eat .os out of the middle of a name, which is wrong.

> --- /dev/null
> +++ b/include/libc-modules.h

Even though it's just for a brief window of the revision history, please
put a comment in this file saying it should/will be generated.

> +#include "libc-modules.h"

Use <>.  Add a short comment saying that is defines the MODULE_* macros.

> -CPPFLAGS-locale-programs = -DLOCALE_PATH='$(localepath)' \
> +CPPFLAGS-locale_programs = -DLOCALE_PATH='$(localepath)' \

Rather than changing this name, I think the libc-modules.h generation
should just turn all nonidentifier characters into _.

OK with those changes.


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