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[PATCH v2 00/03] Enable lock elision for powerpc

Hi all,

This is repost of my previous patchset [1] to add transaction lock elision for 

PowerPC ISA 2.07 adds hardware transaction memory primitives for architecture and
they are currently implemented by POWER8 chips.

The patch series enable pthread mutex and pthread rdlock lock elision in the same
manner already implemented by x86 and s390.  I followed s390 tunable with some

Also, for powerpc implementation I have to add a transactional abort before syscalls
to avoid side-effects being seen outside transactions (more information on third 
patch in the series).

The complete patch set is mirrored in azanella/lockelision-ppc branch.  I have also
added the powerpc wrapper for BZ #16657 fix (however I haven't not include it yet
on the patch series since the bug is still being discussed).

Checked on powerpc32, powerpc64, and powerpc64le.  I also checked with a compiler
without power HTM support (GCC 4.8) and with HTM support (GCC 4.9).


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