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Re: [PATCH] remove nested function hack_digit

On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 2:22 PM, Roland McGrath <> wrote:
>> I've attached a patch that addresses your comments.
>> 2014-09-26  Kostya Serebryany  <>
>>         * stdio-common/printf_fp.c
>>         (hack_digit): New function, broken out of ...
>>         (__printf_fp): ... local function here.  Update call sites.
>>         hack_digit now takes an additional parameter that is a pointer
>>         to a struct of the referenced locals.  Those locals moved inside
>>         the struct and references updated.
> There's a blank line after the date/name line.


> The entry's lines are
> indented by one tab.


> Otherwise I think everything's fine for you to commit
> this now.  You don't have direct commit access yet, but we'll fix that soon.

Oh, good.
I saw a message about adding me to the group.
Is that all? What do I need to be able to commit?

>> The comparison is between the trunk and the current patch.
>> The differences are minimal.
> Great!  Thanks for the clarification.
>> > You didn't report what testing you did on this patch.
>> I've runs "make check".
> I'll assume you meant you run 'make check' on x86_64-linux-gnu.


>> On my system I get same number of failures with and w/o the patch:
> Reporting, "No regressions in 'make check' on x86_64-linux-gnu." is
> sufficient for a change like this.
>> off-topic -- how do I achieve a clean "make check" run on Ubuntu 14.04?
>> This is what I do:
>> ../glibc/configure --prefix=$HOME/glibc-clang/inst && make -j 40 &&
>> make -j 40 check
> Perhaps next week I'll upgrade my office workstation and then investigate.

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