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tst-backtrace failures on AArch64

Hi all,

On AArch64 tst-backtrace5 and tst-backtrace6 fail. The test output is
as follows:

Obtained backtrace with 7 functions
Function 0: /home/will/glibc-build/debug/tst-backtrace5(handle_signal+0x20)
Function 1: [0x20000004d0]
Function 2: /home/will/glibc-build/ [0x20000bf6f8]
Function 3: /home/will/glibc-build/debug/tst-backtrace5(fn+0xc4) [0x401f24]
Function 4: /home/will/glibc-build/debug/tst-backtrace5(fn+0x20) [0x401e80]
Function 5: /home/will/glibc-build/debug/tst-backtrace5(fn+0x20) [0x401e80]
Function 6: /home/will/glibc-build/debug/tst-backtrace5() [0x401f68]
Failure on line 83

The failure is called by no call to "read" being found in the call stack:

    76    /* Do not check name for signal trampoline.  */
    77    i = 2;
    78    if (!match (symbols[i++], "read"))
    79      {
    80        /* Perhaps symbols[2] is __kernel_vsyscall?  */
    81        if (!match (symbols[i++], "read"))
    82          {
    83            FAIL ();
    84            return;
    85          }
    86      }

Looking at the addresses found in the call stack 0xbb6f8 is actually
in __read_nocancel:

00000000000bb6f0 <__read_nocancel>:
   bb6f0:       d28007e8        mov     x8, #0x3f                       // #63
   bb6f4:       d4000001        svc     #0x0
   bb6f8:       b13ffc1f        cmn     x0, #0xfff
   bb6fc:       54000042        b.cs    bb704 <__read_nocancel+0x14>
   bb700:       d65f03c0        ret
   bb704:       17fd95aa        b       20dac <__GI___syscall_error>
   bb708:       d503201f        nop
   bb70c:       d503201f        nop

00000000000bb710 <__read>:
   bb710:       f0000450        adrp    x16, 146000
   bb714:       b9414e10        ldr     w16, [x16,#332]
   bb718:       34fffed0        cbz     w16, bb6f0 <__read_nocancel>

Which is a local symbol and hence not in the set of symbols understood
by backtrace.

Does anybody have an idea of the correct solution to this problem?
Marking the test xfail seems a bit drastic.


Will Newton
Toolchain Working Group, Linaro

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