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Re: machine maintainer ping: microblaze

On 21 June 2014 12:02, Roland McGrath <> wrote:
> Please review and approve (or commit) the roland/nptl-microblaze branch ASAP.
> (Two patches so far, previously posted a while ago.  May be more posted soon.)
> Then please follow on ASAP (this week would be nice!) with the vfork
> consolidation, or else tell me ASAP what I need to know to try it myself:
> * Can you rely on IFUNC?
> * If not, can you rely on the C compiler to emit a proper tail call, that
>   cannot touch the stack, for a trivial argumentless tail call in C?
> * If not, what does the assembly (.S) look like for a tail call to a PLT
>   function?  e.g. on x86 it's "jmp JUMPTARGET(foobar)".

Apologies for the delayed response Roland - and thanks for your
efforts on this branch.

A build issue has popped up with some of the movements, and I'm in the
process of testing now before submitting and ack'ing your work so far.

Hope to provide sign off on all microblaze nptl changes, and
outstanding microblaze patches shortly.


> Thanks,
> Roland

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