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[PATCH] Don't ignore too long lines in nss_files (BZ #17079)

This fixes a misplaced line in the patch for bug 16071 which is causing
nss_files to ignore lines that are longer than the supplied buffer,
instead of returning ERANGE to the caller.


	[BZ #17079]
	* nss/nss_files/files-XXX.c (get_contents): Store overflow marker
	before reading the next line.

diff --git a/nss/nss_files/files-XXX.c b/nss/nss_files/files-XXX.c
index 00b2ecf..212b938 100644
--- a/nss/nss_files/files-XXX.c
+++ b/nss/nss_files/files-XXX.c
@@ -198,10 +198,12 @@ get_contents (char *linebuf, size_t len, FILE *stream)
       int curlen = ((remaining_len > (size_t) INT_MAX) ? INT_MAX
 		    : remaining_len);
-      char *p = fgets_unlocked (curbuf, curlen, stream);
+      /* Terminate the line so that we can test for overflow.  */
       ((unsigned char *) curbuf)[curlen - 1] = 0xff;
+      char *p = fgets_unlocked (curbuf, curlen, stream);
       /* EOF or read error.  */
       if (p == NULL)
         return gcr_error;

Andreas Schwab, SUSE Labs,
GPG Key fingerprint = 0196 BAD8 1CE9 1970 F4BE  1748 E4D4 88E3 0EEA B9D7
"And now for something completely different."

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