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[PATCH] nscd: Remove unused typedef and variable.

The attached patch removed the unused âthread_info_tâ typedef and the
âthread_infoâ variable from nscd.c.  The former conflicts with a GNUÂMach
typedef, and the latter conflicts with a GNUÂMach function declaration:

Tested on x86_64-linux-gnu.


2014-06-22  Ludovic CourtÃs  <>

	* nscd/nscd.c (thread_info_t): Remove typedef.
	(thread_info): Remove variable.

diff --git a/nscd/nscd.c b/nscd/nscd.c
index 5680378..d4faa29 100644
--- a/nscd/nscd.c
+++ b/nscd/nscd.c
@@ -56,20 +56,6 @@
 #define PACKAGE _libc_intl_domainname
-/* Structure used by main() thread to keep track of the number of
-   active threads.  Used to limit how many threads it will create
-   and under a shutdown condition to wait till all in-progress
-   requests have finished before "turning off the lights".  */
-typedef struct
-  int             num_active;
-  pthread_cond_t  thread_exit_cv;
-  pthread_mutex_t mutex;
-} thread_info_t;
-thread_info_t thread_info;
 int do_shutdown;
 int disabled_passwd;
 int disabled_group;

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