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Re: [PATCH] Remove PRI_MACROS_BROKEN define usage

On 05/02/2014 03:27 PM, Roland McGrath wrote:
>> I don't think gettext releases are relevant to us; it's the development 
>> sources of glibc's libintl that we should aim to have in sync with the 
>> development sources of gettext's libintl, by merging local changes in both 
>> directions and implementing things in such a way that identical code can 
>> work in both places.
> Agreed.  We don't worry about releasedness for any of the code we share
> with other GNU projects.  We vet the changes like any other changes and
> rely on our own vetting and our own testing.  Of course, for any shared
> file whose source of truth changes more often than once in a blue moon,
> it's wise to pay attention to the owning project and make sure we've kept
> up with all its changes when either that project or libc is nearing release.

I'll look at gettext master then. I appreciate you and Joseph commenting
promptly before I wasted my time with an intermediate merge if nobody
thought that was a good idea.


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