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RE: [RFC, PATCH, MIPS] Add support for O32 FPXX and program header based ABI information

Will Newton <> writes:
> On 2 May 2014 09:18, Andrew Pinski <> wrote:
> > On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 1:11 AM, Will Newton <>
> wrote:
> >> On 1 May 2014 22:48, Matthew Fortune <>
> wrote:
> >>
... snip
> >>> +           switch_frmode_to (0);
> >>> +
> >>> +         asm volatile ("cfc1 %0,$1\n": "=r"(status));
> >>
> >> I would be inclined to make these inline asm statements into a
> >> function with a descriptive name, and potentially the status values
> >> could usefully be named too.

Good call. We tried to introduce more meaningful pseudo-instructions for this
feature but concluded that just using CTC1 was best.

> >>
> >>> +         if ((status == 0 && req_abi == Val_GNU_MIPS_ABI_FP_64)
> >>> +             || (status == 1 && req_abi ==
> >>> +           _dl_signal_error (0, map->l_name, NULL, "Unable to set
> FP mode");
> >>
> >> Under what circumstances can this error occur?
> >
> > The hardware does not support the requested mode.

Yes-ish. Theoretically the kernel should not be advertising the UFR HWCAP
if one of the modes is not supported. UFR is only supported in hardware if
both modes exist but may well be implemented in trap-and-emulate on
MIPS32r2 and MIPS64 cores. If UFR is not supported nor emulated then the
CTC1 will lead to a crash. If the hardware and/or emulation doesn't work
correctly then this is a safety check to try and catch such failures. The
worst thing that could happen with this feature is a mode switch silently
failing; tracking down the bug would be horrendous.

> Maybe "Hardware does not support mode %s" would be a more helpful
> message in this case.

Since at this point of the code the hardware 'should' have been able to
enter the mode... I guess "Hardware failed to set mode %s".


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