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Re: The hppa port is now moved out of ports.

On 04/29/2014 11:20 AM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Apr 2014, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
>> Joseph,
>> The hppa port is now in libc.
>> The disassembly of the shared libraries appears identical.
> Good ... since I was a bit concerned about any possible effects from the 
> removal of trailing whitespace in the long-double-fcts setting (see 
> <> and 
> <>).

The disassembly is identical given some local patches I still have
and still get applied to gentoo and debian.

In practice it only matters that long-double-fcts is equal to exactly
"yes", but "no" or "no " is never used anywhere to make lists of
functions or ojbects or anything of that nature.
>> Is there any other next step (other than fixing 
>> up more of the hppa port)?
> Well, removing ports/README, leaving the directory containing just 
> ChangeLog files.  But, yes, fixing all the hppa issues from 
> <> (all of which except the 
> bits needing checking against the ABIs of old binaries should be very 
> quick to fix).

Done. I've removed README, and updated all ChangeLog.* for machines
which were moved to libc proper with the normal header you were
using. I've carried out the final update to ports/ChangeLog to
indicate README is removed and ports is no longer in use.

Please feel free to add stronger wording or another README that
says "Not in use." I think we're done with the source tree.

I have updated the website to say:

* New port discussions should be on libc-alpha.

* Use libc-ports to highlight cross-port issues so maintainers
  need not pay close attention to libc-alpha.

* After the 2.19 release the ports add-on was merged back into
  core project and is no longer used.


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