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Re: [PING^2] RFC [PATCH] BZ#1077902: New API gettimezone

On 04/29/2014 03:14 PM, Paul Eggert wrote:
> On 04/29/2014 11:39 AM, Carlos O'Donell wrote:
>> In that case nothing short of stuffing the zone*into*  TZ will
>> help
> And even that could have problems if the API stuffs a
> version-3-format zone into a TZ string that's shipped to a
> destination system that groks only version 2.Presumably the version
> number will be in the string somewhere so the destination could
> report an error, but how would that actually work?

I'll let PJP think about it.
>> Unfortunately all of this complicates the API.
> Yes.  This complication is a cost, and the cost/benefit ratio seems
> pretty high here.

I don't feel like we're done hashing it out.

As I said before I'd like to see the unified tzalloc et. al. solution
since it solves the unique problem of tz-specific messages
per-thread and may with a slight enhancement fix this issue.

The implementation is certainly up in the air, but I reserve my
judgement until later.


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