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Re: [PATCH] Remove arm lowlevellock.c

On Mon, 28 Apr 2014, Will Newton wrote:

> Hi Bernie,
> ARM patches can now be sent to libc-alpha as ARM has moved from ports
> into the main tree.
> I'm not sure if we still use libc-ports for HPPA patches...
> On 28 April 2014 15:50, Bernie Ogden <> wrote:
> > lowlevellock.c for arm differs from the generic lowlevellock.c only in
> > insignificant ways, so can be removed. Happily, this fixes BZ 15119
> > (unnecessary busy loop in __lll_timedlock_wait on arm).


> > Also note that the analysis at
> > indicates a
> > further locking performance bug to fix - I've got a partial patch for
> > that which I can submit once I've finished testing.

That analysis asserts that ARM's lowlevellock.c is trying to work around 
a bug in lowlevellock.h.  Are you asserting in this patch that in fact the 
workaround is not needed - that there is no regression caused by removing 
the lowlevellock.c file before fixing the lowlevellock.h bug?

(Actually I'd like to see unification of the lowlevellock.h files as far 
as possible, not just lowlevellock.c.)

Joseph S. Myers

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