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Re: [PING] RFC [PATCH] BZ#1077902: New API gettimezone

On 04/12/2014 01:33 PM, P J P wrote:
>> On Saturday, 12 April 2014 10:52 PM, Carlos O'Donell wrote: Where I
>> disagree is that I think we could make a go at solving PJ's and 
>> other developer problems by providing some way to query the
>> existing in-use local time as part of the whole and larger API
>> addition to allow printing locale time via timezone_t's.
>> Next steps that *someone* needs to do: * Integrate feedback. *
>> Write up wiki page with new design. * Discuss the various
>> recommendations and show which one is best or not best.
>> Discussing this further without summary or a document to reference
>> is going to get more and more difficult.
> Agreed. I'll try and summarise it on the wiki. Does glibc have an
> existing wiki wherein this kind of summary page can be created?

Wiki? Yes.

You'll have to make a new page for the straw-man proposal that will
eventually become the API if we can get consensus.

Note that you cant edit the wiki until someone vouches for you:

You can ask on #glibc on freenode to get added or for someone to
vouch for you as not-a-spammer.


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