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Re: [PATCH] Unify pthread_once (bug 15215)

On Thu, 2014-04-10 at 18:44 -0300, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:
> On 10-04-2014 16:57, Torvald Riegel wrote:
> > On Mon, 2014-04-07 at 17:17 -0300, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:
> >> Digging up on current code and the unified one, I noted PowerPC one is currently doing load+and+store
> >> condition followed by a full barrier.
> > Hmm, the code I see is using __lll_acq_instr, which is an isync, which
> > AFAICT is not a full barrier (hwsync).
> >> This is overkill for some scenarios: if the initialization is
> >> done (val & 2) we don't need a full barrier (isync), since the requirement (as Tovalds has explained)
> >> is just a load acquire.
> > The atomic_read_barrier used in the unified code seems to result in an
> > lwsync.  Is that faster than an isync?  If not, the overhead may be due
> > to something else.
> You are correct, bad wording from me.  In fact the issue here ir, from some profiling, the load/store
> with *reservation*, the isync is fact necessary in current case as acquire barrier.  The atomic
> read/store shows a better performance for POWER. And yes, lwsync is faster than isync (show below
> by the experiment with load acquire/store release).

Okay.  If lwsync is preferable for an acquire load, it might be best to
check the GCC atomics implementation because I believe it's following, which suggests
isync for acquire loads.

> >
> >> I ran make check and results looks good. I also checked with GCC issues that originated the fix
> >> that added the release barrier in the code ( and
> >> it does not show the issue with new implementation.
> > Thanks for doing the tests.  Would you want to remove the powerpc
> > implementation after this patch has been committed?
> Yes I planning to do it.

Thanks.  I've just committed the patch.

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