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Re: Google Summer of Code projects for the GNU C Library.

    > I'm myself late with reviewing GSoC stuff, but I just noticed that there
    > are a lot of applications for glibc projects: ÂImproving malloc
    > implementation of GNU C library (one), ÂMath Testing (two), ÂISO C11
    > Threads (eight).  However, no glibc person has commented on them so far,
    > or offered to be a mentor, and also no one has responded to JosÃ's call
    > for desired and essential slot requests,
    > <>.
    That's probably because I don't know what I'm doing.
    I didn't know there was a summer-of-code mailing list, and it doesn't
    appear on the top-level lists on

Ouch!  I assumed you subscribed there.  Sorry for not being more
explicit about it.
    At present I think we have 1 essential slot requirement:
    * ISO C11 threads implementation.
    With 1 desired slot requirement:
    * Math testing.
    I don't see that we have the bandwidth to mentor more than that.

Ok, I am noting 1 essential and 2 desired slots for glibc.  If you want
to change these numbers send me an email.  We have to report the total
count to Google this evening.

BTW, we are still missing mentor information for glibc, which was
requested some weeks ago.  Please send me an email CCing with the following information for each mentor:


Where Id is the corresponding melange user name for the mentor.  The
phone is important: our last resort contact point so we dont miss
deadlines that could impact the whole org (such as the mid and final
term student evaluations).  The provided information is stored in a
recfile  Note
however that both the alternative email and the phone number are stored


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