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Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2014 talk on the status of glibc.


I wanted to thank Roland for giving a great talk on the
status of glibc at the LFCS 2014 conference on March 28th.
Even though it was the 9:00 am slot on the last day, and
I would normally be asleep, the talk was well attended
and people continue to give feedback that having a status
talk on glibc is useful.

For anyone who is interested I'm putting the final
version of the slides as I wrote them on a ProjectTalks
wiki page. I know Roland made some final modifications but
the core content is the same.

You can see them here:

Please feel free to add any talks you've given about glibc.

User feedback has been shunted back to the community
and we may see some of this discussions starting up.
The one discussion we were able to answer question was:
What do application developers do with the new feature
test macros? We've already written that up here:
The Xorg people in the crowd were worried about _BSD_SOURCE,
but apparently during the middle of the talk they just
followed our recommendations, removed it, and nothing
broke :-)


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