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[PATCH] Correct mutex type check for disable lock elision via pthread_mutexattr_settype call


if glibc is build with --enable-lock-elision=yes,
all default mutexes are elided (only for supported architectures).
Someone can disable the elision for one specific mutex with
a call to pthread_mutexattr_settype.
Currently you can specify either PTHREAD_MUTEX_NORMAL or PTHREAD_MUTEX_DEFAULT, because they are both defined to 0.
The function checks for type PTHREAD_MUTEX_DEFAULT
and then disables elision.

For correctness, the function should check against PTHREAD_MUTEX_NORMAL!
According to POSIX, PTHREAD_MUTEX_NORMAL shall deadlock if a thread tries to relock a mutex without first unlocking it.
In case of PTHREAD_MUTEX_DEFAULT, the behavior is undefined.
Thus the mutex can be elided with PTHREAD_MUTEX_DEFAULT, but not with PTHREAD_MUTEX_NORMAL.
The same can be read in the lock elision implementation guidelines


2014-04-01  Stefan Liebler  <>

	* nptl/pthread_mutexattr_settype.c
	Disable lock elision for PTHREAD_MUTEX_NORMAL.

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