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Re: AArch64 patches for glibc master.

On Mon, 9 Dec 2013, Carlos O'Donell wrote:

> * Ran `make regen-ulps' and used that as the baseline for math failures
>   with new hardware. New ULPS look OK. Not a problem, per se, but you 
>   need to update ULPS.

They don't look OK.

* You're adding huge ulps for gamma/lgamma, up to 

* You're adding ulps for sqrt, which should always be exact.

Those problems need investigating and fixing.

> * For llseek AArch64 doesn't provide its own llseek.c that does nothing
>   so the default llseek tries to build and with the UAPI headers
>   not defining __NR_llseek because compat is disabled it fails to build.
>   I added code to check for this case. That is to say if it's a 64-bit
>   machine with no llseek, it means that lseek is already 64-bit ready
>   so use that.

llseek is part of the ABI in past releases so you can't just remove it - 
I'd have expected ABI test failures to result.

> You should fix the build failures for 2.19 though. You have until the end
> of December to get these fixes in place before the release code freeze.
> After the freeze you can still get them in but you need explicit ACK from
> the release manager (Allan McRae).

We do not expect release manager acks for architecture-specific patches 
(fixing build failures, test failures, build warnings etc.) between freeze 
and release.  The main point of the freeze is for such patches to go in as 
a result of testing.

Joseph S. Myers

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