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Re: [PATCH][benchtests] Use benchmark framework for strtod

On Thu, Dec 05, 2013 at 09:59:25AM -0200, Adhemerval Zanella wrote:
> It is working now, but with your current patch the results are now squashed into a single value.
> For instance, now I'm getting:
> strtod(): ITERS:9.6174e+07: TOTAL:25951.3Mcy, MAX:4207.27cy, MIN:54.375cy, 3705.94 calls/Mcy
> Instead of:
> Input 1e308                   :	916.607
> Input 100000000e300           :	539.083
> Input 0x1p1023                :	124.646
> Input 0x1000p1011             :	159.497
> Input 0x1p1020                :	123.636
> Input 0x0.00001p10401e-307    :	104.093
> Input 0.000001e-301           :	951.208
> Input 0.0000001e-300          :	932.807
> Input 0.00000001e-299         :	943.378
> [...]
> The idea of having multiple outputs is because strtod may use different internal and thus different
> values depending of the inputs. When I ported the MPN implementation to GLIBC I found out its
> routines are only heavily used for some kind of floating point inputs.

Oh, thanks for clearing that and sorry I didn't look at the benchmark
more carefully - I think I was caught up in the output variable
semantics I was working on.  I withdraw this patch.


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