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[PATCH v2] locale: don't crash if locale-archive contains all zeros

In case of power failure followed by filesystem issues locale-archive
can end-up containing all zeros. In that case all calls to setlocale()
generate a SIGFPE. This renders a system with a default non-C locale

Avoid this by ignoring the locale instead of generating a SIGFPE.
 locale/loadarchive.c | 4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)

2013-12-01  Aurelien Jarno <>

	* locale/loadarchive.c (_nl_load_locale_from_archive): Avoid
	division by 0.

diff --git a/locale/loadarchive.c b/locale/loadarchive.c
index 70136dc..f723780 100644
--- a/locale/loadarchive.c
+++ b/locale/loadarchive.c
@@ -274,6 +274,10 @@ _nl_load_locale_from_archive (int category, const char **namep)
   namehashtab = (struct namehashent *) ((char *) head
 					+ head->namehash_offset);
+  /* Avoid division by 0 if the file is corrupted.  */
+  if (__glibc_unlikely (head->namehash_size == 0))
+    goto close_and_out;
   idx = hval % head->namehash_size;
   incr = 1 + hval % (head->namehash_size - 2);

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