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Re: [PATCH] PowerPC64 ELFv2 ABI 6/6: Bump soname version number

On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 04:14:57PM +0000, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> You can also use GLIBC_2.19 versions in your backport based on 2.18.  You 
> may lose some compatibility checking for binaries using any symbols that 
> are actually new in 2.19 and not in your backport, or get incompatibility 
> if a symbol changes incompatibly between 2.18 and 2.19 (but so far only 
> hppa has a new symbol at version 2.19), but that's generically the best 
> thing to do in cases where a distributor wants to backport an individual 
> new symbol, for example - have that symbol at its upstream version.

For backporting individual symbols, this makes sense.  For a whole new
port, I'm not sure it does as much.  Either way, 2.18 is what's has
been committed, so I don't see much point in changing it now just to
align with the first FSF release.  If that ends up being the decision
taken, though, we'd all need to know sooner rather than later, as it
means rebuilding the world for the artificial ABI break.

... Adam

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