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[MTASCsft PATCH WIP4 23/28] Thread safety documentation.

for ChangeLog

	* manual/startup.texi: Document thread safety properties.
 manual/startup.texi |    8 ++++++--
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/manual/startup.texi b/manual/startup.texi
index a277714..d3b52d5 100644
--- a/manual/startup.texi
+++ b/manual/startup.texi
@@ -322,6 +322,8 @@ functions can be safely used in multi-threaded programs.
 @comment stdlib.h
 @comment ISO
 @deftypefun {char *} getenv (const char *@var{name})
+@c Unguarded access to __environ.
 This function returns a string that is the value of the environment
 variable @var{name}.  You must not modify this string.  In some non-Unix
 systems not using @theglibc{}, it might be overwritten by subsequent
@@ -333,6 +335,8 @@ pointer.
 @comment stdlib.h
 @comment GNU
 @deftypefun {char *} secure_getenv (const char *@var{name})
+@c Calls getenv unless secure mode is enabled.
 This function is similar to @code{getenv}, but it returns a null
 pointer if the environment is untrusted.  This happens when the
 program file has SUID or SGID bits set.  General-purpose libraries
@@ -358,8 +362,8 @@ value is nonzero and @code{errno} is set to indicate the error.
 The difference to the @code{setenv} function is that the exact string
 given as the parameter @var{string} is put into the environment.  If the
 user should change the string after the @code{putenv} call this will
-reflect in automatically in the environment.  This also requires that
-@var{string} is no automatic variable which scope is left before the
+reflect automatically in the environment.  This also requires that
+@var{string} not be an automatic variable whose scope is left before the
 variable is removed from the environment.  The same applies of course to
 dynamically allocated variables which are freed later.

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