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Re: Link extra-libs consistently with libc and

On Fri, 17 May 2013, Roland McGrath wrote:

> > No, tested with normal testsuite runs.  I don't expect everything to be 
> > unchanged, given that various objects were previously linked 
> > unconditionally with and after the patch have a --as-needed link 
> > with (so some may not end up with a dependency on after all).
> I'd like to see at least verification that no actual code changed, and
> diffs of readelf -d output where it changed.

With the revised patch I'm currently testing, for an x86_64 build, the .so 
files that change are libSegFault, libanl, libmemusage, libnss_db, 
libpcprofile and librt.

For libanl, libmemusage and libnss_db, there are no code changes and the 
only changes in readelf -d output are a reordering of DT_NEEDED entries.  
For the others, an dependency disappears.  This reduces the size of 
the dynamic section.  Lots of offsets change in code, probably as a result 
of this, making comparisons hard.  See attached diffs of readelf -d and 
objdump -d output.

For an i386 build, in addition to the changes described above the 
DT_NEEDED entries for libm are also reordered (with, again, no code 

Joseph S. Myers

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